Selling a home is going to have a major impact on your life. Over the next few months, the decisions you make during this process are going to affect you for many years. The Who, What, Where & When is the most critical factors that will directly equate to either having a positive or not so positive experience. Selling a home can be an overwhelming task and entrusting a professional to help and guide you will make all the difference in the world.

The Cupolo Crew has the experience, knowledge and gentle touch to work with you every step of the way. We have an extensive plan that will take you thru the entire process from getting your home ready for sale, to picking up the proceeds of the sale at your lawyer’s office on closing day. We are a top producing team with a proven track record selling more Re-Sale homes than any other agent or team in Niagara Falls. We are also the highest rated / reviewed Realtors for Niagara Falls.

Please contact us for a Free No Obligation consultation. Once you spend a little time with us, you will know why it was a good decision to call us.


The Cupolo Crew prides itself on our attention to detail and guiding you to achieve the highest sale price & getting offers in a timely manner. Here is a detailed account of what is involved thru the process.

  • OVERALL EVALUATION – The time we spend together on our first visit will be used to set up the frame work of our game plan. We will look at your home, collect information and most importantly listen to why you may want to sell and what the ultimate goal is from the sale. Based on the data we have collected, we will schedule another appointment with you to go over our strategy to optimize the best results.


  • PRICING – This is the most important and always the first thing Sellers want to know. What is my Home Worth? There are many factors that will determine the true value of your home. Factors include: size, style, overall condition, updates, location, cleanliness & competition. On our home appraisal page we do into more details on how we determine the Right price for your home


  • LIST PRICE VS SALE PRICE – A proper listing price is vital to achieving your goal of getting a sale price that is satisfactory. If you price your home too high, chances of getting the price you want is very slim. Having the mindset that people are going to give you a low ball offer and you need to price your home to offset these low offers is a big mistake. You are going to encounter the low ballers at any price, these buyers aren’t usually very serious, and they are just trying to steal your home. Another disadvantage of pricing your home too high is you will lose out on the early momentum of your listing. Reducing your list price after a few weeks doesn’t look good and people might think there is something wrong with your home. Pricing your home too low could result in leaving some money on the table. We will give you a price that is right in the sweet spot. This will attract lots of activity and hopefully multiple offers. If we price your home properly, we will never ask for a price reduction.


  • FULL SERVICE HOME STAGING –  Go BIG or Go Home !!! The Cupolo Crew has raised the bar on Home Staging. We are purchasing and will continue to purchase truckloads of furniture and home décor products to provide our clients with everything needed to make your home magazine perfect.  List with the Cupolo Crew and we will deliver and stage your home, at no cost , everything your home may need and for as long as you need to stand out from the competition. No other Realtor or Real Estate Team is offering this magnitude of staging services. Contact the Cupolo Crew today for more details.


  • PHOTO’S / VIRTUAL TOURS – Let’s show off your home to the world with fantastic photo’s and a virtual tour. Potential buyers will look at the photos & virtual tour first. It is important that we present crisp pictures and proper angles to provide the buyer with a true sense of your home & the layout of your home. We don’t use photo altering software. Buyers are becoming more and more frustrated with agents who are overzealous, presenting home pictures that resemble a cartoon. Being professional with our photos will be beneficial to you as the Seller.


  • MARKETING YOUR HOME – Your work is done. Your home is ready for show time, now it’s time for the Cupolo Crew to get your home sold. We have a proven marketing plan that will encompass the planet. It will not be a secret your home is for sale. Combined with the #1 brand in the world, RE/MAX, you could not be in better hands. Don’t sell yourself short by using a brand that is not known or recognized outside Niagara Falls. You could be missing out on that buyer in Toronto that would love to buy your home.


  • NEGOTIATIONS / SMOOTH SAILING – Negotiating the offer is when the rubber hits the road in the selling process. You want the Cupolo Crew in your corner; we have negotiated over 150 million dollars worth of successful real estate transactions over the past 11 years. This large volume of deals has helped us hone our negotiating skill set, combining a vast knowledge of the current market, low key/low stress approach and a competitiveness that will place you on the right side of every deal. Once we have successfully entered into an agreement with the buyer for your home, we work tirelessly, with you, the buyer, buyer’s agent, home inspectors, lawyers and any other parties that are involved. We will ensure that all conditions are met in a timely manner and all matters from the sold sign going up to the lawyers closing the deal are dealt with precision and professionalism.


Please contact us anytime to schedule a FREE, no obligation, and no pressure consultation. The greatest reward in our business is when a client tells us we have changed their lives in the most positive way possible. It would be an honor to meet you, with hopes that you will tell us we changed your life at some point down the road.

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