Marketing Your Home


The unsolved mystery of Real Estate… Who is going to buy my house? It is impossible to know who will ultimately be the lucky buyer of your home. Could be a neighbour, could be someone local who has always dreamed about living on your street. Might end up being someone from out of town or out of the country. Your home being for sale can’t be a secret. The marketing net must be cast to expose your listing to as many Buyers as possible. We have a very good Net..


  • This is how we attract Buyers


    All of our listings are shown on This is the Number 1 Real Estate website in Canada


    Print Ads

    Your home will be featured in local newspapers constantly and consistently. This is a very traditional means of advertising but still has great impact.


    Our website is one of the highest Google ranked real estate sites in the Niagara Region. Many local Buyers use our site in inquire about currently listed properties.


    The Re/Max brand is recognized world wide and many out of town and foreign Buyers use the Re/Max website exclusively in their search for properties.  Re/Max carries a lot of credibility and adds to the Buyer’s confidence knowing they are dealing with true professionals.

  is a very user friendly site and has become instrumental in attracting Buyers to our listings from the Greater Toronto Area. This is the only site that offers syndication to other Real estate websites, which means your listing is also featured on an additional 12 Real Estate specific websites.


    Social Media

    We are capitalizing on the power of Face book & Google plus to promote our listings out of the gate. Face book boost ads have very successful in targeting specific demographics based on individual listings


    The X Factor

    There is a large population of Chinese Buyers who don’t use conventional websites to look for homes to buy. We have hired Winnie Weng, as our full time Chinese marketing specialist. All of our listings are posted on Chinese specific websites, in Chinese. We have a major advantage attracting buyers to our listings.


    Open House

    Open Houses help sell homes. They generate great traffic from qualified Buyers and we highly recommend offering an Open House as part of our Marketing Plan



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