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Ready to Buy Your Home?

Buying a home is the most important decision you will make. Doesn’t matter if you are a First Time Buyer or a Seasoned Buyer; the level of importance is the same. The future of your long term real estate wealth will be directly affected by your next purchase. What Real Estate agent you pick to guide you thru this process is critical.


Step One | The Mortgage Pre-Approval

 The best place to start is to meet with your Bank or Mortgage Broker. If you are not currently working with a Bank or Broker, The Cupolo Crew handpicked some highly qualified specialist that can help you. Meeting with the Mortgage agent will give you a clear picture of the price range of homes you should be looking at and any limitations that would be important in the decision making process, as well as, the financial responsibility that goes along with it. Bringing this financial snap shot forward, we can sit down and determine the parameters of your comfort zone and proceed from there.

Step Two | The Wish List

 If you were completely happy with your current living conditions, you would not be considering moving. There are obvious deficiencies that are affecting your current life style. The deficiencies need to be at the top of your wish list. This is the time to create a list of what you really need and what you hope to get. Granite counter tops are nice, but if you are preparing dinner on granite or laminate, your life is not going to change. Preparing dinner in a larger kitchen with lots of cupboards and counter space, that will have a positive effect on your life. We will work together to ensure your next home has a life changing positive effect.

Step Three | The Home Viewing Process

 Once we have established a realistic needs and wants list, it is time to start looking for a home. This process takes time and patience. This is a big deal and we have to get it right. Working with one experienced agent is more beneficial than contacting each listing agent. Working together we are going to see things that you like and dislike, that may not have been on our radar previously. As we visit various homes we are going to collectively solidify a clear picture of a home that is going to make you happy. This cannot be achieved by calling a variety of agents and starting the process from the beginning with every new visit. We have the ability to look beyond the surface and point out things about the major components of the home and make sure that we address any concerns that could arise.

Step Four | Your Agents Responsibility

 The Mantra of all Real Estate professionals should be to look after the Best Interest of their Clients. That means protecting you during the whole process of the Buying experience. If your best interest is looked after during the buying process, it will carry on thru the years that you own your home. Experience matters, having Jay & Joseph Cupolo beside you protecting you and your long term financial wealth is monumental. You would not trust your hair needs to someone fresh out of beauty school, why would you trust an inexperienced agent with your Real Estate Needs. Hair grows back — a Real Estate Mistake takes years to recover from. The Cupolo Crew will not ask you to sign a Buyer Representation Agreement until after we have an accepted offer on a home.

Step Five | The Offer

 The search is over; we have found your perfect home. Its offer time, time to get you where you want to go, but only on your terms. There is more to an offer than price; Completion dates, chattels that are included, rental agreements and conditions that protect you, are all part of the process. The Cupolo Crew has successfully negotiated over 150 million dollars worth of Real Estate transactions. We are strong & experienced negotiators. Most offers will include a condition for the Buyer to have a home inspection completed. This condition is included in the offer to protect you from any surprises that may come up about the house during the home inspection. If you are not comfortable with the condition of the house after the inspection, It gives you the freedom of walking away from the deal without any costs. It will give you peace of mind knowing everything there is to know about the house you are going to be purchasing. The cost of the home inspection is paid for by The Cupolo Crew

Step Six | The 5 Year Plan

 The 5 year plan is the last box to check before finalizing any offers to purchase a home. Is this purchase going to be a positive stepping stone towards your long term Real Estate Wealth? There are factors contributing to this being the right decision. Firstly, the home you are purchasing needs to be acquired at the right price. Secondly, we need to evaluate if there are any known factors that may adversersly effect the natural growth of value of the home over the next 5 years. The interest rate and terms of the mortgage need to be favorable to you to make sure there is an ample amount of the principle paid off during the term of your 5 year mortgage. Ultimately we need to ensure that the value of the home will steadily increase and the amount owing on your mortgage steadily decreases…. FAST FORWARD 5 YEARS …. We want you to have a nice chunk of equity built up so you can move onto your next 5 year plan.

Step Seven | Surround Yourself with Good People

 This is part of the process after the offer is accepted and before the closing date. A team needs to be assembled to handle all aspects of the home purchasing process. This team could include the following professionals; Lawyers, insurance companies, movers, utility companies, moving supplies, contractors and possibly more. The Cupolo Crew has a team in place and will help you thru the process. Added Bonus !!! To better serve you better and help you minimize some of the costs associated with Buying your home. The Cupolo Crew will provide you with the use of the Cupolo Crew Courtesy Cab for as long as needed during the move. There is no cost for this service.

Step Eight | Closing Costs & Auxiliary Expenses

 Lawyer fees & the cost of moving plays a big role in the Buying process. Before the search for homes begins, we will be reviewing the affordability of your mortgage and property tax. We will also be discussing closing costs and auxiliary expenses. The closing costs include lawyer’s fees and land transfer tax (First time Buyers are exempt from paying land transfer tax). As well as budgeting for movers, insurance and the auxiliary costs that occur once you have taken possession of your new home. Auxiliary costs are things you need and / or want for your new place. Everyone needs something once they move in, lets make sure we have that covered before we start.
The Cupolo Crew will not ask you to sign a Buyer Representation Agreement until after you have an accepted offer on the home of your dreams. Contact us today
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