Beside You Every Step Of The Way

The Cupolo Crew will only sell you a home that we would be comfortable selling to a family member. There are certain things that you can not change about a house, Location and Layout. Both affect the quality of your life, and we will search until we find the right home.

The Cupolo Crew works with the best mortgage broker in the entire Niagara Region. We work hand in hand with you and the mortgage broker making the approval process seamless and stress-free. She is very professional, hard-working and always available (7 days a week). You will get the best rates and terms available. 

Real Estate is a great opportunity to secure your long-term financial security. If this is your first home, we cannot stress enough on how important this purchase is. If done properly, with the guidance of the Cupolo Crew, this will launch you into long-term financial wealth. We guarantee that you will make money on any home purchased with the Cupolo Crew.

We surround ourselves with all types of like-minded professionals that you will need thru the process of purchasing a home. Home inspectors, lawyers, insurance companies, contractors etc. Everyone is committed to making this a fantastic and enjoyable experience.

Do Not Sign A Buyer Representation Agreement with anyone till the timing is right. Some agents will ask you to sign a Buyer Representation Agreement before they start showing you houses. We only ask you to sign Buyer Agreement when you are have an accepted offer on a property and it will be limited to the property you are offering on. Totally transparent and there is never any obligation to us if the offer does not get accepted. As well, there is no hidden costs in the fine print.

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